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It’s been a good 2 years since my last solo release, “In The Peripheral” and I think now is the time that I let you all know what is next to come.  As you may have noticed, the title of the album is everywhere on the website, “Daydreams of Crime Scenes.” To give you all some insight, I themed out the website for this release to match some of the album artwork.

The album cover will be revealed when the release date is set and announced. To fill you in, this album features a few different people from all different backgrounds of music. Please, watch and share the video below. The Daydreams Teaser will let you all know who is making an appearance!


If you’re into stories of true crime, and in-depth gory visuals that go along with it, then you will love this album. It has many different styles of production, from dark trap sounding beats, to even some music similar to NIN and Marilyn Manson. The album is a concept story in some ways, comparable to what I did with the song “It’s Hard to Keep a Secret,” but that was just 1 track.  I will have more info for all of you when I wrap up the album completely. I will keep you all posted with updates on the site and share video snippets of progress & music videos to come.

I’m still and always have been, an independent artist. Anything that is pressed comes straight from the KARDIAC Music team, but I’m honored to have this album set to drop on Fangoria Musick.  All I can ask from you is to spread the word as much as possible and continue to support indie music. Until the next update, you can follow me on Twitter: @KARDIACMUSIC. I’ve been posting a lot more on there than on Facebook, but you can also add me as a friend on Facebook, “Corey Kardiac Jennings” at: The website will always be the first place that’s updated whenever I have some news to post about the album. If you want notifications, subscribe to the mailing list on the left sidebar and it will let you know whenever something gets posted on the website. Thanks to everyone who continues to support my work.

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It has arrived! The second addition to The Horde Mixtape, Vol. 2 is now available! Hard copies are being sold at the Fangoria Musick Store and you can pick up the digital release at I have a new song on Vol. 2 along with a track I produced that starts it off. Both Horde mixtapes are the only releases as of now that I’ve dropped new stuff on. Be sure to grab both of them if you haven’t already. As the graphic designer & video editor for most of the label videos, I made a promo video that shows you the lineup of artists on Vol. 2 just like the promo video. You can check out that below along with more news.



Myself & BLOODSHOT have recently wrapped up our self-titled album,  “FOUL PLAY.” If you purchased “The Horde Mixtape” you heard the track entitled, “Bound By Violence.” It’s the only track we have made public so far. Over this past weekend, I’ve been going over all the songs again and mixing & mastering them. I’m really stoked about this project, and I think it has a lot of potential to be a really awesome release. Right now, are planning to shoot some videos for the release, but it’s all about planning after the holidays and getting Bloodshot to Texas for the filming. Hopefully, everything will work out and we’ll able to bring you some sick ass FOUL PLAY music videos! Either way, this is a dope album and I’m proud to be apart of it. You can expect this album to drop early 2017 on Fangoria Musick.


Now as for where I’m at with my solo project It’s just about done. With that said, It’s been 2 years since I released “In The Peripheral” so its time for some new shit. I got a lot of new production gear this year and it will be heard on this album. This album is like a story in a way, a crime novel of sorts. I will have a more in-depth description about it soon enough. So keep a lookout for 2017 they’ll be a lot of different things coming. My album along with FOUL PLAY will be dropping on Fangoria Musick via

I haven’t been too social on Facebook, but I’ve been posting more on Twitter. So anyone that’s on Twitter, follow me @KARDIACMUSIC and i’ll follow you back. Until we hit 2017, go purchase that new HORDE VOL.2 on Fangoria Musick!

Lastly I added Gifts Of Blood Two on my Bandcamp page for $4.99 for those who like digital downloads. I have a bunch of albums on my Bandcamp some albums which haven’t been pressed to hard copy in over 15 years. So check out my Bandcamp.. I’ll be dropping a few singles on there soon.

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horde facebook header2

Whats good everyone? Today is the day The Horde Mixtape releases, Presented by FANGORIA Musick! This album has music from all different genres…everything from Punk to Electronic, Horrorcore & more.

I have a solo track on the mixtape called “Love Letters & Dental Records” ft. Jesse Madre. It’s a song from an upcoming album I am working on. Plus, there’s another track from the group project myself & Bloodshot are working on, entitled Bound By Violence. I’ll have more details about the group project album when the time comes. Until then, go purchase The Horde Mixtape Presented by FANGORIA Musick!


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I know a lot of you probably didn’t see this coming, but I’m stoked to let everyone know that myself & BLOODSHOT will be working on music together again!  I don’t want to spoil too much, but you can expect details real soon.

Most of you know, Bloodshot and I were the original SCE owners when it first launched. We were friends several years before that, and I’m proud to have him a part of my new music home, Fangoria Musick. [Fangoria Musick is the record label of the legendary Fangoria Magazine!]

If anyone has done a lot for artists over the years, it’s been BLOODSHOT. We’ve been having productive talks recently and are on the same page with things. This is going to be a nice, fresh start for the both of us. If you get the chance, be sure to connect with Fangoria Musick on facebook, twitter & youtube to show your support for us. Keep your heads from nodding out cause we got some shit coming.

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New KARDIAC Shirt Post

It’s been a min since I had some fresh gear in the store and now they’re finally here. This is my first OVERSIZED PRINT T-shirts, which means the design fits almost the entire front of the shirt. They’re black shirts with white ink and 100% cotton. You can see even more details of the design at the KARDIAC Store. I hope you guys dig it, I thought it was a pretty sick design, and I got some more gear to come. My next design I plan on getting Zip Up hoodies for the fall & winter seasons. I think all of yous will love the art I got illustrated for the hoodies. Until then purchase these KARDIAC – Bound & Burned T-shirts.


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