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Digital Copy OUT NOW!!! ONLY $2.99


I know a lot of you probably didn’t see this coming, but I’m stoked to let everyone know that myself & BLOODSHOT will be working on music together again!  I don’t want to spoil too much, but you can expect details real soon.

Most of you know, Bloodshot and I were the original SCE owners when it first launched. We were friends several years before that, and I’m proud to have him a part of my new music home, Fangoria Musick. [Fangoria Musick is the record label of the legendary Fangoria Magazine!]

If anyone has done a lot for artists over the years, it’s been BLOODSHOT. We’ve been having productive talks recently and are on the same page with things. This is going to be a nice, fresh start for the both of us. If you get the chance, be sure to connect with Fangoria Musick on facebook, twitter & youtube to show your support for us. Keep your heads from nodding out cause we got some shit coming.

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TFW Fangoria Musick Flyer small

I’ve updated the look to the website again! Not too much has changed, just the look and feel to it. I wanted to upload the new design cause there’s going to be a lot more updates coming and the site kind of fits the bill with my next upcoming release. More info on that very soon.

In other news, I was actually lucky enough to be able to attend this year’s Texas Frightmare weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth, which is presented by FANGORIA. I will be a guest at the Fangoria booth, alongside April Bedan, who runs Fangoria Musick. I’ll be there to help push some Fangoria Musick merch. So, if you’re in the area, come out and see us! There’s a huge lineup of guests at this event. Several horror legends will be there: Freddy (Robert Englund), Jason (Kane Hodder), George A. Romero, Tom Savini, Michael Myers (Warlock), Candyman (Tony Todd) & MORE. For more info & tickets visit:

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New KARDIAC Shirt Post

It’s been a min since I had some fresh gear in the store and now they’re finally here. This is my first OVERSIZED PRINT T-shirts, which means the design fits almost the entire front of the shirt. They’re black shirts with white ink and 100% cotton. You can see even more details of the design at the KARDIAC Store. I hope you guys dig it, I thought it was a pretty sick design, and I got some more gear to come. My next design I plan on getting Zip Up hoodies for the fall & winter seasons. I think all of yous will love the art I got illustrated for the hoodies. Until then purchase these KARDIAC – Bound & Burned T-shirts.


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I held back on releasing this trailer due to a few reasons but I think everyone has waited long enough especially those who helped make this short film possible. I would like to thank my manager & the director of the videos on the “In The Peripheral” DVD April Bedan. April is now, and has been managing Fangoria Musick go follow Fangoria Musick on Twitter @fangoriamusick & like the Fangoria Musick Facebook page at:

For those who haven’t purchased the DVD go visit The



Shot & Directed By April Bedan/ Written, Edited, VFX & Music Score by KARDIAC. 


Further DVD Details:

The DVD also comes with behind the scenes footage of I Wish I could Forget [Short Film] & The Cleanser with Bonus Material. Last but not least a short film/music video entitled When Everything Changed. When you purchase the combo for $8.00 USD you also get a hard copy of In The Peripheral with two extra songs.  Every order comes with a FREE POSTER.

Click Here To Purchase:

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I finally got around to wrapping things up for the hard copies of “In The Peripheral.” I would like to thank everyone who bought the digital version from I really hope those of you who purchased the digital version will also pick up the hard copies. The hard copies will come with two extra tracks that weren’t on the digital release, and every order comes with a free poster!

Now, with the release of the hard copies you will have a choice. You can pickup the hard copy for $4.00USD. Or, you can get the combo deal, which will be $6.00USD. The combo deal comes with a DVD with over an hour and 20 mins of running time. For the past couple months, I’ve been really focused on filming videos. I shot two music videos. One of which was debuted on




 “The Cleanser” was shot at two Texas Chainsaw Massacre film locations. “The Cleanser” is included on the DVD and also contains never before seen bonus material from the making of that video! It’s made up of footage that was left on the cutting room floor and I think all of you’s will dig it.

I shot another video, which hasn’t yet been released. The song is on “In The Peripheral,” entitled “When Everything Changed.” We filmed “When Everything Changed” in Louisiana, and it has some creepy vfx in it that I personally edited myself. The video was shot & directed by April Bedan.

Now, for the biggest piece of film we’ve finished up is my very first short film entitled “I Wish I Could Forget.” Making the short film, there was noway I would of been able to do this without the help from my manager and director April Bedan.

The DVD along with the Hard Copies of the album become officially available on July 24th, only at the KARDIACSTORE.



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