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For the first time, KM Inc. has made available online a music video that was saved exclusively for the “In The Peripheral” Package deals released in 2015. The album dropped on Fangoria Musick, and since the fall of the label, we’ve re-uploaded videos that were taken down without any notice. One being “The Cleanser” and the other being our first debuted with FANGORIA “The County Road Cover Up.” I would say the “new owner” doesn’t care too much for independent music/ filmmakers, because it’s not only my work, but other peoples material was taken down. It will never be like it once was, and this is the main reason there is no more Fangoria Musick. Now our main focus is KM Inc. and to continue to push the company even further from where we left off. Trying new ways of getting media out, and we’re open to working with other companies small or large and that’s not just for music.
WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGED, what a great title for such a post.
In 2015 we took a ride out to Mansfield Louisiana and was given total access to a great location. We brainstormed right there on the spot where we wanted to go with this video, from beginning to end. The Concept for the video needed to match the song. (A man’s Blackout turns horrible and unsure if someone slipped him drugs or it was something else, but what he recollects and see’s is terrifying sober or inebriated.) It was the great camera control from April Bedan, that helped pull off the shots we needed to set up the Special Effects that are a big part of the video. First time filming in Louisiana, and possibly not the last time. We hope you enjoy the video for what it is. You will not see it anywhere’s else but here, this is exclusively for KM Inc.





Well, it’s no longer a secret as for my next full-length album “Daydreams of Crime Scenes.” Over the last few years, I have been working on many different things, and one of them has been my next solo release. Although I dropped In The Peripheral, and it was a solo album I did with Fangoria, that was rush and you can tell. First, it wasn’t released correctly. There were many things that went wrong with that project, but there were other good things that came from it. One of the good things was creating my first short film I Wish I Could Forget. It did pretty damn well and circled around a few film fests, even willing best special effects in a short film category from the 2016 Fantastically Horrifying Cinema. From that film gave me a new drive for filmography and working on special effects.

So anyway, this time around I wasn’t fucking around when it came to this album and even branched out for the first time in a long time and collaborated with other artists and singers from different bands. To give a few names, Bloodshot, Paul Thorstenson singer of Dissolve, John Robert C singer of The last ten second of life &  Jesse Madre a great longtime friend who has who was the singer in my brother’s old band my bitter end and now singing in his own band Tiger Flowers. The final artist to appear on this album is an artist who has just signed with KM Inc. Diskardead. There’s going to be much more to come about Diskardead, but I will save it for its own post.

Now as for production, this time around I have a couple of different producers on this project, so it’s not only my production and only me on the songs. For a time I was in this strange mindstate, I love what I did with Sleep Deprivation but haven’t really loved anything else I released since then. I don’t consider Gifts of Blood to be solo albums, there more like mixtapes to me, only with original production.

To the Point, You all been waiting long enough, and I did my damndest on this album and really hope to deliver you all something with substance to it, giving that same feeling like when I released sleep dep. April and I have shot a lot of footage over the past few years, and I plan to release at least two different music video for Daydreams as well as promotional commercials.


The album cover will be revealed when the release date is set and announced. To fill you in, this album features a few different people with all different backgrounds of music. There have been some changes to the features since I’ve released the last trailer, I will have a new trailer soon and that will let you know everything about this album and who is guest appearing.


If you’re into stories of true crime, and in-depth gory visuals that go along with it, then you will love this album. It has many different styles of production, from dark trap sounding beats, to even some music similar to NIN and Marilyn Manson. The album is a concept story in some ways, comparable to what I did with the album “Sleep Deprivation” only true crime original fictional stories. Music videos and much more to come.

I’m still and always have been, an independent artist. Anything that is pressed comes straight from me. All I can ask is for anyone reading this please spread the word as much as possible and thank you for your continuing support.  – KARDIAC!


It has arrived! The second addition to The Horde Mixtape, Vol. 2 is now available! Hard copies are being sold at the Fangoria Musick Store and you can pick up the digital release at I have a new song on Vol. 2 along with a track I produced that starts it off. Both Horde mixtapes are the only releases as of now that I’ve dropped new stuff on. Be sure to grab both of them if you haven’t already. As the graphic designer & video editor for most of the label videos, I made a promo video that shows you the lineup of artists on Vol. 2 just like the promo video. You can check out that below along with more news.


Lastly I added Gifts Of Blood Two on my Bandcamp page for $4.99 for those who like digital downloads. I have a bunch of albums on my Bandcamp some albums which haven’t been pressed to hard copy in over 15 years. So check out my Bandcamp.. I’ll be dropping a few singles on there soon.

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business inquiries

I know many of you haven’t heard anything new out of me over the past year and a half but I’ve never stopped working on music. I have two releases to drop, first will be my next solo album then a group project with Bloodshot entitled Foul Play. We are trying to shoot a couple videos before we drop that, so first to come will be my solo.

2017 is right around the corner, and I’m looking for any promoters or artists that want to work together to book some shows for 2017. If anyone of you are promoters that visit this site, or have a venue where you can book a show contact by email : I don’t care if it’s a opening slot or a closing one, I’m just ready and needing to feel what it’s like to perform. If you questions about anything shoot an email. I want to work together with people out there using the resources I have and combined them into something good.

For Booking & Collaborations, contact:

For Beat production/Film Composing, contact:

For any questions about merchandise or orders placed through the KARDIAC Store,                                  contact: [subject] KARDIAC Store

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Whats good everyone? Today is the day The Horde Mixtape releases, Presented by FANGORIA Musick! This album has music from all different genres…everything from Punk to Electronic, Horrorcore & more.

I have a solo track on the mixtape called “Love Letters & Dental Records” ft. Jesse Madre. It’s a song from an upcoming album I am working on. Plus, there’s another track from the group project myself & Bloodshot are working on, entitled Bound By Violence. I’ll have more details about the group project album when the time comes. Until then, go purchase The Horde Mixtape Presented by FANGORIA Musick!


Since last year, some of you may have heard myself & Director April Bedan completed a short film entitled “I Wish I Could Forget.” Just Recently it has been accepted to a second film festival the ETHERIA’s Women Underground (Screening Dates TBA), and that will screen at the Egyptian Theater in LA.


April had the opportunity to give some insight from her point of view about the film, and what we have been up too since we completed it. We’ve been keeping things a secret cause right now the film is making it’s rounds at a couple film fests and there’s guidelines that we need to follow. had just interviewed her about the film and some of the makings of everything and myself personally thinks this is an awesome interview  you all should check out. I’m very proud of the work we did together on the film and hopefully as things progress we can bring you more. We have talked about getting the short film re-pressed, with new artwork and some behind the scenes stuff some haven’t had a chance to see yet. Until then check out this interview on  STYD.

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I’ve updated the look to the website again! Not too much has changed, just the look and feel to it. I wanted to upload the new design cause there’s going to be a lot more updates coming and the site kind of fits the bill with my next upcoming release. More info on that very soon.

In other news, I was actually lucky enough to be able to attend this year’s Texas Frightmare weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth, which is presented by FANGORIA. I will be a guest at the Fangoria booth, alongside April Bedan, who runs Fangoria Musick. I’ll be there to help push some Fangoria Musick merch. So, if you’re in the area, come out and see us! There’s a huge lineup of guests at this event. Several horror legends will be there: Freddy (Robert Englund), Jason (Kane Hodder), George A. Romero, Tom Savini, Michael Myers (Warlock), Candyman (Tony Todd) & MORE. For more info & tickets visit:

New KARDIAC Shirt Post

It’s been a min since I had some fresh gear in the store and now they’re finally here. This is my first OVERSIZED PRINT T-shirts, which means the design fits almost the entire front of the shirt. They’re black shirts with white ink and 100% cotton. You can see even more details of the design at the KARDIAC Store. I hope you guys dig it, I thought it was a pretty sick design, and I got some more gear to come. My next design I plan on getting Zip Up hoodies for the fall & winter seasons. I think all of yous will love the art I got illustrated for the hoodies. Until then purchase these KARDIAC – Bound & Burned T-shirts.


business inquiries

 KARDIAC is planning to get back on the road sometime in 2017. For any promoters/ artists that want to work together and book some shows around TX and the surrounding states contact by email. We don’t care if its opening spot or closing we’re looking to perform live again with help and promotion by Fangoria Musick.


For Booking & Collaborations, contact:

For Beat production/Film Composing, contact:

For any questions about merchandise or orders placed through the KARDIAC Store,                                  contact: [subject] KARDIAC Store