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View the kill map and walk through the dumpsites. Today, we make all of the grizzly details available to the general public. “Daydreams of Crime Scenes” is a deep, dark stairway down a rabbit hole of psychosis. Listen to the mania rip apart the fabric of reality, spitting out the subconscious scared mind of KARDIAC. “Daydreams of Crime Scenes” is a solid 15 track, genuine full-length album from start to finish. This is KARDIAC’s first release since his departure from FANGORIA, and no shortcuts were made throughout the making of this album. Bear witness and prepare yourself because once you lift the sheet, there’s no way of getting the images out of your head.

We’ve set up multiple options for everyone in the merch store: CD & FREE signed Poster, or for those who want more, check out the different evidence bag options. The digital release will drop on March 6th at

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Now, only four days away, the “Evidence Bags” are ready to be torn open and fully examined. Extreme measures have been taken to make sure that no stone was left unturned. Different options will be available for pre-order this Friday, February 28th 2020. If you want to collect more than just a CD and a poster, there will be two variations of Evidence Bags to choose from. Take a “Second Glance” and notice the grizzly differences between “Evidence Bag #1” & “Evidence Bag #2”:

Dig into the “Evidence Bags” this Friday Feb, 28th 2020. Authorities will disclose all of the items they have to build their case. We need your help..snatch up these bags to divert attention. Below is an image of what you’re getting so that you won’t be startled by the gory mess:

Turn the blinds down and crank the volume up. Take a stroll with KARDIAC as he reflects on “The Night Of.” This eerily hypnotizing track is the first ear-worm to hit your speakers in nearly 5 years. As Fangoria Musick’s corpse decomposed, KARDIAC was in the basement piecing together the limbs and organs for “Daydreams of Crime Scenes”. We clawed our way out of the grave plot to provide evidence for this cold case. The risk of Death Row is child’s play compared to the nightmarish visions KARDIAC drifted in and out of within this wicked album.

Prep your psyche as KARDIAC takes you through “The Night Of” from “Daydreams of Crime Scenes.”

KARDIAC has been evading capture since the release of his FANGORIA Musick album, “In the Peripheral” in 2015. Since then, he has been working under the radar and off the grid to piece together his defense with “Daydreams of Crime Scenes”. Now that he has all of his alibis secured and ironed out, we’re ready to release this callous escapade to the general public without fear of prosecution. As details emerge, you’ll begin to notice the grotesque attention to detail that this heartless criminal conjured up.

Callous minds can reach incredibly dark depths that may be beyond comprehension to any normal individual. Altered chemicals in the brain are the likely cause for erratic behavior, but damage to the brain’s frontal lobe is thought to be the culprit of an individual’s complete lack of empathy. When experiencing this simultaneously, the probability of a devastating event is extremely high. The sense of right and wrong never hinders a perpetrator’s decisions and desires which allows them to act on their morbidly ruthless imaginations. “Daydreams of Crime Scenes” treads the unnerving borderline of an unbalanced mind’s eye, drifting in and out of various delusions that fluctuate with manic highs and depressive lows. The somber and disturbing incidents within are chilling. Allow your brain to take a glance inside a macabre altered reality. Warning: The grim contents may cause a severely scathed subconscious.

“Daydreams of Crime Scenes” pre-orders are set to release on February 28th with the album debut coming March 6th. Keep your eyes peeled for details so that we can call on you as a witness at the next court date.  Catch the first bits of evidence below for a sneak peak at what’s to come in the next few weeks:

I know it’s been a min since I’ve posted about anything in along time, but I hope all of you who have supported me over the years, can understand my absent from music and all social media was a much needed process. I’m not here to dwell on bullshit, I’m here and I’ve been at work nonstop producing and wrapped up Daydreams of Crime Scenes about a month ago, and yes! they’re finally pressed and are set to go. 

I’m coming by today to let everyone know, the original KARDIAC Store is back up with a new url KARDIACMERCH.COM

It is setup via bigcartel, which I’m sure some of you will be happy about, many have gotten used to a formula and I can understand that, so I want everything to be as easy as possible when you go to order merch. Please spread the word and stay connected, you all have waited long enough and they’ll be some major announcements to come within the weeks ahead.

Thanks to everyone who visits the website, and shares the link, from the most humble -KARDIAC!

It was in October 2016, the last thing anyone heard was “A Composition For Decomposition.” Dead silence, and then a few years pass, whimpers begin to surface every so often. Now that the dark month is here, there couldn’t be a better time for “WENT MISSING IN OCTOBER.” This project is decimated with disturbing Compositions & Instrumentals suitable for what’s to come within the months ahead.





There aren’t many interviews out there with myself since I’ve been M.I.A for a while now, but recently I was asked to join the POSSESSED RADIO PODCAST for an interview about the many different projects I’ve released and currently working on. During the interview,  there are two different songs that haven’t been released yet and only been put out through this interview. The first one you will hear that starts off the show is a track from Daydreams of Crime Scenes called “Distress Call.” The second song plays somewhere in the middle which is from “Went Missing In October” entitled “Recovered by Divers.” So check out the episode and find out some stuff that I’ve never talked about before until now. We dive into it all, and put people on to this episode and hear some of the new stuff that’s coming within the months ahead.


If you would like to hear other episodes from Possessed Radio please visit


Some of the research in this article came from these following sources:


Anchorage State Troopers – Case Files.

Robert Christian Hansen (February 15, 1939 – August 21, 2014), known in the media as the “Butcher Baker“, was an American serial killer. Between 1971 and 1983, Hansen abducted, raped, and murdered at least 17, and possibly more than 30 women in and around Anchorage, Alaska, hunting them down in the woods with a Ruger Mini-14 and a knife. He was arrested and convicted in 1983 and was sentenced to 461 years and a life sentence without the possibility of parole.


Out in the desolate frigid air of the state of Alaska Between the 70’s & 80’s, something more grizzly and vicious was prowling the mountains other than bear and caribou. It’s apart of life for many who grew up hunting and fishing, passed down through generations of family, but for one by the name of Robert Hansen, his perspective on hunting came in many forms.

When he moved from Estherville, Iowa, to Anchorage Alaska he opened a bakery. Police and friends would call him Bob and eat at his bakery on a daily basis. Although Bob had a nice business and looked like a normal faithful family man, all that was just a shell for everybody that watched from the outside.

Whatever his excuses may have been, along with his checkered past, nothing could prepare the officials at the Anchorage Police Department for the 12 years of brutality Robert Hansen unleashed on the victims of Alaska. Nobody was safe, Over those years people started vanishing and was never seen again. People started noticing as the first of the bodies were found by construction workers near Eklutna Road. The body, dubbed “Eklutna Annie” by investigators, has never been identified. Later that year, the body of Joanna Messina was discovered in a gravel pit near Seward and in 1982, the remains of 23-year-old Sherry Morrow were discovered, in a shallow grave near the Knik River. Now there were three bodies and it all looked like it was done by one killer.




How Hanson Threaten Women To Get in His Plane

The Fall of Robert Hansen: Cindy told police, he had offered her $200 to perform oral sex but when she got into the car, he pulled a gun on her and drove her to his home in Muldoon. There, he held her captive, torturing, raping and sexually assaulting her. She mentioned that after he chained her by the neck to a post in the house’s basement.

Cindy Paulson Interview w/ Sgt. Glenn Flothe, AST


Hansen took a nap on a nearby couch. When he awoke, he put her in his car and took her to Merrill Field airport

He told her that he intended to “take her out to his cabin” (a meat shack in the Knik River area of the Matanuska Valley accessible only by boat or bush plane). Paulson, crouched in the back seat of the car with her wrists cuffed in front of her body, waited to escape until Hansen was busy loading the airplane’s cockpit. While Hansen’s back was turned, Paulson crawled out of the back seat, opened the driver’s side door and ran toward nearby Sixth Avenue.

She later told police that she had left her blue sneakers on the passenger side floor of the sedan’s backseat, as evidence that she had been in the car. Paulson escaped and made it to Sixth Avenue and managed to flag down a passing truck. He drove her to the Mush Inn, where she jumped out of the truck and ran inside.  The truck driver called the police to report the barefoot, handcuffed woman.

Robert Hansens M.O was abducting and threatening women all the way up to the point of putting them onto his plane and flying them out in the middle of nowhere Anchorage Alaska, uncuffing them and letting them think he was setting them free, but he would then Hunt them with a Ruger Mini-14, chasing through the snow and teasing until he got fed up and then shot them like wild game.


Robert Hanson in Custody
Robert Hansen confession.

Hansen’s Victims that were identified, for many of his other victims their bodies were never recovered or identified.

Hansen had barrels scattered throughout the mountains of Anchorage filled with everything he needed when he went “Hunting.” From rope, ammo, guns, duct tape, shovels, and all the disposable accessories. Part of his fall was the map they found, along with the Guns he used on his victims hidden in his attic. The spots mark on the map below lead to many of Hanson’s grave sites where bodies were recovered. 

The Map they found with guns in Hansen’s Home

Gun’s found in Hansen’s Attic 

The Murder Weapon He Used The Most

On October 27, 1983, investigators uncovered jewelry belonging to some of the missing women, as well as an array of firearms in a corner hideaway of Hansen’s attic. The biggest find was an aviation map with little “x” marks on it, hidden behind Hansen’s headboard.

Hansen Later showed investigators 17 grave sites, in and around Southcentral Alaska, 12 of which were unknown to investigators. There remained marks on his map that he refused to give up, including three in Resurrection Bay, near Seward (authorities suspect two of these marks belong to the graves of Mary Thill and Megan Emrick, whom Hansen has denied killing). The remains of 12 (of a probable 21) victims were exhumed by the police and returned to their families. Hansen was sentenced by a jury to 461 years plus life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Known victims as shown on Wikipedia

Hansen is known to have raped and assaulted over 30 Alaskan women. He is also responsible for murdering at least 17, ranging in age from 16 to 41. They were:

  • Lisa Futrell, 41 (acknowledged, body found with Hansen’s help)
  • Malai Larsen, 28 (acknowledged, body found with Hansen’s help)
  • Sue Luna, 23 (acknowledged, body found with Hansen’s help)
  • Tami Pederson, 20 (acknowledged, body found with Hansen’s help)
  • Angela Feddern, 24 (acknowledged, body found with Hansen’s help)
  • Teresa Watson (acknowledged, body found with Hansen’s help)
  • DeLynn “Sugar” Frey (acknowledged, body discovered on August 20, 1985 by a pilot testing new tires on the sandbar of the Knik River)
  • Paula Goulding (acknowledged, body found)
  • Andrea “Fish” Altiery (admitted, body not found)
  • Sherry Morrow, 23 (admitted, body found)
  • “Eklutna Annie” (admitted, body found, true identity has never been discovered)
  • Joanna Messina (admitted, body found)
  • “Horseshoe Harriet” (acknowledged, body found with Hansen’s help, true identity has never been discovered)
  • Roxane Easland, 24 (acknowledged, body not found)
  • Ceilia “Beth” Van Zanten, 17 (denied, but suspected because of x on aviation map, body found)
  • Megan Emerick, 17 (denied, but suspected because of x on aviation map, body not found)
  • Mary Thill, 23 (denied, but suspected because of x on aviation map, body not found)

Of these 17 women, Hansen was only formally charged with the murder of four – Sherry Morrow, Joanna Messina, Eklutna Annie, and Paula Goulding. He was also charged with the kidnapping and rape of Cindy Paulson.

Hansen died at the age of 75, at Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage on August 21, 2014, due to undisclosed, lingering health conditions.

You a reader of true crime? take the time and visit:  For more details and interviews with Robert Hansen.


Story By Corey Jennings of The Butcher Baker – ROBERT HANSEN


THIS CASE INSPIRED THE SONGS “The County Road Cover Up” & “Mass grave”

First off let me start by saying, during my time there it has been the utmost honor to be involved with such an Iconic company in the Horror Genre and it will always be something I’m very proud of. I’m not going to get into to the gritty details about it, I’m just gonna give you my own view of how things went down.  The Former owner gave us 100% freedom with FANGORIA and never turned down an idea we had. I’ve seen April Bedan do some amazing things and has gone out of her way for FANGO, at a time when the company wasn’t at it’s greatest and try her best to overcome some challenges with the least amount of resources.
Some people used it for their own selfish needs, and then shit all over it when it was in some rough situation. It’s funny how now, a new owner is there, and all these people who helped stomp it down to nothing have returned like nothing ever happened. Their true colors were exposed, and they never really gave a damn about FANGORIA unless it was benefiting them. My Point is, that’s who’s running it now, and that’s the kind of people who are behind the scenes. Myself & April really Loved the company, Huge Thanks to Tom, who was the former owner. from the time we got there and things were running fine, up until it’s very worst, standing on its last legs, He was still open to our idea’s even if it meant there was no money to be made off them. 
Now a new owner is in there, and I guess that’s when it all changed one afternoon. Bottom line as it was said, there’s no need for a music label. Now put in mind all the work we’ve put into it. Promoting FM at horror festivals, and collaborating with various different artists and bands from all different genres to help spread the word via the Horde Mixtapes. It felt like all the work and money invested in Fangoria Musick, was a waste. Social Media Pages were Bult just for FM, I really pushed the label as much as I could on my end, Artwork, Promo, Commercials, Digital Magazine Adds, and everything I pushed on my own website and social media pages. Sending many of my followers to go check out and like the facebook page, Youtube & twitter.
They Deleted all my Music Videos that were hosted on their youtube page without any notice. We even reached out to them and asked very politely if they could keep the video’s up as unlisted, therefore we could still share them and all the views won’t be lost. They totally ignored our request and not only took down my videos but everyone’s video that had anything to to with FANGORIA before the new owner.
It’s was just some scumbag shit to do after being there for so long, you would think they show just a little respect. After all, we were the only ones keeping it afloat other than Rob Feldman former web developer. There’s so much more to this story, but I can only give you it from my standpoint. We worked hard pushing FANGORIA and FANGORIA MUSICK, at least they could of done was say thank you, and keep the door open for future opportunities but that will never happen. I take from this experience and new look on how I now do things as far as music etc. KARDIAC Music Inc. has always been my focus to make it something more than a website. I have many goals I still would like to accomplish with KM Inc. and for now on this will be my 100% main focus when it comes to anything.

Finally, we have reached the point of launching the new website with a lot of new content and updates. At this moment we’re looking to bring in some new minds to further push KM Inc. As of right now, we’re hiring anyone who can book shows & tours. Everybody needs to make something from what they contribute, nothing is for FREE. So, If you think you can manage this position, then let’s work together and make this happen. I don’t care what state you’re from, or who it is I perform with, open or close, open mics and too big and small event’s. Compensation details will be worked out over the phone, as well as details but feel free to Email, or message directly on Facebook. We’re open to anything.